• Your Vector Interview

    Having technical difficulties? We've got you covered.


    IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE with the videochat interview... Before using this as a replacement interview process...please check the following:

    1. You must be on a laptop/computer. Our interview system does not work on tablets, nor phones.

    2. The system works best on Google Chrome as a web browser.

    3. You must click the "Join" button for the interview to start.


    Note: sometimes school-issued laptops don't work well with our interviewing system. That is OK, as long as you are able to use Zoom on your laptop/computer (not your phone). If accepted for the position, you would be trained via Zoom (a free virtual classroom service).


    Can't find the email for the interview?

    The email for the interview is automatically sent by our system. This means it could go into the spam, junk, or promotions section of your email. If you still don't see it, please verify that we have your email entered correctly with our staff number - (973) 769-5009



    If you've tried all the following, and you're still having technical difficulties... please click the button below to request a phone interview (instead of a videochat interview)


    All you'll need to do is watch a quick video about our company and fill out an assessment, so that the manager can give you a call for a phone interview :)