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    Vector Marketing

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  • About Our Company

    We provide the professional foundation for the next generation through a hands-on experience selling CUTCO® Cutlery. Vector Marketing is a wholly owned subsidiary of CUTCO Corp, which has manufactured CUTCO® Cutlery in Olean, N.Y. since 1941.

    Our representatives market a high quality American made brand. Through the positions we offer young adults have the opportunity to master time management, communication skills, networking as well as so much more. Representatives have the ability to work on their time, experience a ton of growth and get paid what they are worth. We have scholarship and internship opportunities as well as career paths.

    Our office has had 25 student scholarship winners!


    year old product


    million annual sales


    million referred customers


    “Based on employee reviews posted on Glassdoor, an online platform for former and current employees to review companies, 24/7 Wall Street identified the best American companies to work for. Out of a universe of hundreds, only 18 large companies received a score of more than 4 out of 5 stars.

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    Comparably awarded Vector Marketing as...

    Top 50 for Best Company for Diversity

    Top 50 for Best Company for Women

    #27 Best CEO in America

    #23 Best Company Culture

    Top 50 for Best Company Work-Life Balance

    Top 50 for Best Company Happiness

    and many more!

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    “One way or another, successful entrepreneurs need to be able to convince other people to do stuff — aka ”sell.” Whether it’s getting a venture capitalist to invest, an engineer to quit their day job to join your startup, a customer to buy your product or your co-founder to agree with your decision, a solid grasp of how to pitch and close is handy, if not fundamental.”
    Chester Ng, Entrepreneur

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    #1 Best Summer Job for College Students

    “Vector Marketing for Cutco creates a supportive, innovative and positive working environment for students.”
    Lauren Robers, College Magazine

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    DECA 2017 Marlene Morbitt-Dunn National Advisory Board Partner of the Year

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    “These are skills Mr. Williams says he has touted in every job search he’s conducted and used every job he’s worked in. What’s more, he and others say, the experience has caught the eye of recruiters and interviewers.”
    Sarah E. Needleman, Wall Street Journal

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    #12 Best U.S. Companies to Work For 2019

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    "Among the roughly 1.5 million Cutco alumni are successful people like Uber cofounder and former CEO Travis Kalanick, comedian Daniel Tosh, and David Plouffe, a senior adviser to Barack Obama and the manager of his 2008 presidential campaign.


    Successful people credit Cutco, the company that recruits college kids to sell knives, with teaching them business lessons that last for life”
    Mark Abadi, Business Insider

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