We are the Northeast New Jersey office for Vector. We are located in Essex, Hudson & Middlesex County and are one of the top teams in the company.


    We call ourselves Movement because focus on moving forward. We are constantly growing and developing. We love to say that we're in beast mode because we constantly are reaching heights.


    Our mission is to build the most fun, competitive, and impressive team in the nation. Our representatives use Cutco as a vehicle to grow, build their skill set, and set themselves apart from their peers. Members of our team gain real world work experience and the opportunity to earn what they are worth while having a flexible schedule.



  • Meet the Manager

    Lele Hartman

    District Manager

    Lele started with Vector in December of 2017. She graduated Mary Baldwin University in 2019 with her Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology and grew up in Denville, NJ. Since starting, she has created $60,000 in personal sales, half a million dollars in office sales, won a company scholarship, and has lead the Movement Office to be in the top 10 performing offices in the nation since opening.


    "You are allowed to be multi-passionate, multi-purposed, and multi-talented. Your soul is not linear, stop expecting your path to be.” ~ J. Rose

  • Our Leadership Team

    Alyssa Golden

    Recruiting Manager

    Alyssa started with Vector in April of 2020. She is on the Dean's List at Rutgers University New Brunswick, graduating in 2023 with a degree in psychology and she is from Marlboro, NJ.


    "It is what it is."

    Jess Khavich

    Recruiting Manager

    Jess started with Vector in June of 2020. She is graduating Rutgers University New Brunswick in 2023 and she is from East Brunswick, NJ.


    "What we think to be our greatest weakness can sometimes be our biggest strength." -Sarah J. Maas

    LaRaven Gordon

    Branch Manager

    LaRaven started with Vector in October of 2020. She is graduated Rutgers University New Brunswick in 2020 with her degree in Biochemistry and she is from Georgia!


    "We don't quit!"

    Chloe Perez

    Branch Manager

    Chloe started with Vector in June of 2021. They are graduating Seton Hall University in 2023 with a major in Psychology and they are from Cedar Grove, NJ.


  • Our Values

    What Our Team is Built On


    Honesty, Dependability, and Communication

    We value the honesty, dependability, and communication skills that our team members exhibit. Integrity is one of our fundamental values as a business, and it is something that all of our team members embody By creating goals and sticking to them, we are proud of the characteristics of responsibility and respect that our team members hold.


    Personal, Professional, Emotional, and Financial Development

    We develop people who are coachable and always ready to grow. Our positions are entry-level, with endless opportunities for personal, professional, financial, and emotional growth. When you join our team, you immediately begin developing your skills in our free professional business training seminar. Vector trains you for success by helping you to identify your goals, create a plan, and tackle your future.


    Positivity, Success, Teamwork

    Our team works to lift each other up through competition as we all work towards a common goal. By identifying our individual goals and our team goals, we create a leadership-oriented environment. Through tons of contests, incentives, and opportunities for advancement, we emphasize motivation, teamwork, and positive competition.

  • Skills For Life

    Learn the skills that it takes to be successful for the rest of your life now. Set yourself apart from your peers.


















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